Games Designed by Amir Dori at Matific

Amir Dori served as a Senior Game Designer at Matific from 2016 to 2022, where he was responsible for designing over 100 games (episodes) that form the cornerstone of Matific's math game portfolio.

These games cater to children from kindergarten to grade 6 and feature diverse content and user experiences to suit different age groups. Amir's innovative designs helped Matific become a leading player in the EdTech industry.

Popular games designed by Amir Dori at Matific:

Amir Dori's game design expertise extended beyond the realm of math games to include Matific's B2B and B2C products. Among these, his first B2C product, Matific Galaxy, was a notable success, featuring a unique interface and metagame design that incorporated player motivations such as meaning, curiosity, development, accomplishment, ownership, and creativity. Similarly, Amir's B2B product, "Matific Adventure," introduced a new twist to the core content of his games, catering to a different target audience.

Matific Galaxy:

Matific Adventure:

Both products have won several awards in the EdTech field and are played by millions of kids worldwide.