Jacky's Hidden Items: A Fun Hidden Objects Puzzle Game

"Jacky's Hidden Items" is a unique search and find hidden objects game featuring the drawings of the ingenious artist Jacky Jackson (הציור השבועי לילד של ג'קי) in a new interactive hidden objects puzzle game. The game's concept is simple and lovely and suits all ages - from kids to adults alike. We wanted to keep the game humble and simple; to mainly honor Jacky and celebrate his lifetime achievement of keeping kids on their toes with his cartoon brainteaser for more than 60 years. And now you can join the party!

ABOUT JACKY THE ARTIST (מצא את הנעלם - הציור השבועי לילד)

Jacky Jackson is an artist with a unique style of art. He published his brainteaser drawings and participated in major newspaper publications such as "CARTOON NEWS" (USA), "VILLAGE VOICE" (USA), "PENTHOUSE" (USA), "ASAHI SHIMBUN" (Japan), and "YEDIOT AHRONOT" (Israel). He holds a weekly column of his drawings for more than 60 (!) years which makes it the most senior column in EMEA and probably the rest of the world as well. Jacky's drawings with their hidden items participated in many exhibitions and won several caricatures competitions worldwide. By the age of 85, with his hand-drawn illustrations for a new mobile game, Jacky proves that old technology can't be canceled out by a new one.


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